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Iphone Secrets to Always Take The Best Photo

Getting that amazing Instagram shot just isn’t that easy. By taking the photo you have only completed the first step in the process. With these tips you will become the best Iphone photographer out there.

How To Look Stylish When Busy

Working full-time means leading an insanely busy life. Besides work there are also weddings, party’s, family obligations, social engagements and many other things that require your presence. With all these things to do in one day it becomes quite difficult… Continue Reading →

Rules of Power Dressing

Power dressing, it might sound way out of your reach, but with these simple styling tricks and wardrobe hacks you can be a queen in power dressing too!

Things to Know When Wearing Heels

Dressing up for an event is amazing, but always comes with one big struggle. Should I wear high heels or not? Walking in heels will never, ever be comfortable or in any way possible for a long period of time…. Continue Reading →

Ways to Cuff your Jeans

All though your jeans may look great as they are, a little tweaking and styling tricks here and there can make quite the difference. Look further for new ways to cuff your jeans from now on. Say hello to a… Continue Reading →

How I Dress for the Week

Happy Monday loves!

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